Innocent Bystander: An American Tragedy

Published Date: June 20, 2019

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Chuck Gray, a 40-something family man whose worked at a paper supply house for nearly two decades can’t help but be attracted to Felicia Tafoya, a beautiful Latina coworker more than 20 years his junior. In danger of missing an international flight after missing her bus, Chuck offers Felicia a ride. The next morning detectives ask Chuck some questions about the rape and murder of a woman matching Felicia’s description, and before he realizes what’s happening, Chuck is arrested. Innocent Bystander explores the ordeal that one man faces when considered a suspect in a violent sex crime, and the resulting fallout with the people who thought they knew him best: his wife, teenage children, and colleagues. Is there such a thing as “innocent until proven guilty” anymore?

If Innocent Bystander was a movie it might be directed by Quentin Tarantino.

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Customer Reviews

3 thoughts on “Innocent Bystander: An American Tragedy

  1. A provocative thriller. Innocent Bystander dramatizes the problem of what happens to an innocent individual when he/she is arrested for a heinous crime. It’s an intriguing story that takes you down a dark, seemingly endless path like The Count of Monte Christo and really gets you thinking: “What if it were me?”

    1. Great, quick read that makes you reflect on your own relationships. This was an enjoyable quick read that follows Chuck Gray as he is wrongly(?) accused of rape and murder. While he sits in a holding cell, his lawyer, coworkers, wife and children all seem to either turn against him or try to distance themselves from him. After all, no one wants to admit to caring for a rapist/murderer, right? I think it is a natural reflex to read this story and wonder if your own relationships are strong enough to overcome such an accusation. What if you were accused? What if your spouse was accused? Your parent? Your coworker of 20 years?
      Berger does a great job exploring these relationships, and how difficult it can be to keep an open mind nowadays.

      1. Noir, definitely noir. It moves like a freight train and captivates like a train wreck. Fast-paced, easy read that provokes empathy for all the Innocent Bystanders of a tragic situation.

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